Two-way free speech and retirement perks of public service

Pico Rivera Councilman Salcido must face the music after his anti-military rant: Breaking View

Free speech has its downsides — for the speaker. When you say something — many things — crazily inappropriate for the moment, as is your right, don’t be surprised when you then have to face the music in the concert hall of public opinion.

Pomona councilwoman wants to put public art fee funds to use

The city has about $1 million accumulated in the public art fee fund, Carrizosa said, and perhaps some of those funds could bring more art to the city and improve its appearance as well.

In 2011, the city council adopted an ordinance that required private development projects with a building valuation of $750,000 or more to have a public art component. Criteria were established to address residential, commercial, institutional and remodeling projects.

(What they should do is use the money for affordable housing for artists.)

San Marino school board member Chris Norgaard under investigation for battery, sexual harassment

San Marino police are investigating school board member Chris Norgaard for battery, officials said Tuesday, while the school district is investigating him for sexual harassment.

Norgaard said in a phone interview Tuesday that he has not been told what the allegations are.

“You know as much about these allegations a I do,” Norgaard said. “I have no idea what this is about, which is very frustrating to me.”

More than three years after retiring, former Congressman Gary Miller still enjoying the perks of public service

Former CA31 GOP congressman Gary Miller’s campaign still paying out thousands of dollars for travel expenses, dinners at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, and monthly payments to his wife, Cathy.

California’s ‘jungle’ primary system could blow up in the Democratic Party’s face

Without an incumbent on the ballot, they believed, one of the many Democrat challengers who’d already declared their candidacies would surely emerge victorious in each district.

Well, maybe…