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Why are reports showing misconduct in wrongful convictions secret?

Wrongful Convictions Are Set Right, but Few Fingers Get Pointed

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YouTubing The Prosecution’s Case

It was inevitable. Prosecutors have frequently used a compliant media. The perfectly timed leak. The perp walk. And the press conference. All to gain public attention and sway any potential jurors before a trial begins. But why bother with the mainstream … Continue reading

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Gun Ownership Transparency And Media Responsibility

Just because a newspaper can print or post something doesn’t mean it should. Context is important. When I was a reporter, I answered the phone one day, and a man threatened to shoot me. The coward did it anonymously, of … Continue reading

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Let’s Not Forget The Mentally Ill

A “crazy” aunt who everyone jokes about at family gatherings. A cousin who believes the government is stalking her or a teenage friend, whose world is so dark that he kills himself in his parent’s garage. Mental illness, no matter … Continue reading

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Transparency And Citrus College

Want to find out what a Citrus College committee formed to support Prop. 30 did? That could be expensive. Want to find out what benefits, including salary, health benefits and car allowances, Citrus College board members have received since 2011? … Continue reading

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