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Trump Blame for Puerto Rico Tragedy Is Lazy Reporting

I’m certainly no Trump apologist. As a long time New York, I’m well aware of Trump and his destructive narcissism. But, while he bears some blame for the current tragedy in Puerto Rico, he’s nowhere near the top of the … Continue reading

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A Missed Pension Story in Monrovia?

When people talk government pension details, eyes roll back. But the latest at on Monrovia is interesting – and frightening – for a few reasons. The city’s current unfunded liability is $112 million. This, by the way, in a … Continue reading

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New York Times Thursday Style Section

And the media’s hypocrisy on public civility.    

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Why are reports showing misconduct in wrongful convictions secret?

Wrongful Convictions Are Set Right, but Few Fingers Get Pointed

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Job for talentless political cartoonists: Memes

This difference between political cartoonists and meme creators is the former has the “ability to capture complex issues inside a single box” and the latter…doesn’t.  But the latter has become the new thing for the deep-pocketed political class or at … Continue reading

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No lives were put at risk with these leaks, only stupidity and arrogance

Investigating the media has now become a normal Continue reading

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Media should stop using retweets as support for stories

Considering the unreliability, the bots and unverified accounts, the addition gives the illusion of legitimacy.

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