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A Missed Pension Story in Monrovia?

When people talk government pension details, eyes roll back. But the latest at on Monrovia is interesting – and frightening – for a few reasons. The city’s current unfunded liability is $112 million. This, by the way, in a … Continue reading

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Media Held Liable for What Law Enforcement Tells Them?

Here’s a warning to journalists, and their employers, who regurgitate whatever law enforcement tells them, especially if they work in Minnesota. Every day we are inundated by news stories of criminal behavior, murder, drug dealing, stealing. Many of these stories … Continue reading

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YouTubing The Prosecution’s Case

It was inevitable. Prosecutors have frequently used a compliant media. The perfectly timed leak. The perp walk. And the press conference. All to gain public attention and sway any potential jurors before a trial begins. But why bother with the mainstream … Continue reading

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Pasadena Police Must Confront Trust Issue

A police department is only as good as the public thinks it is. The Pasadena Police Department should use that as its guiding principle as investigations and internal reviews mount. Credibility matters, and with the latest revelations of alleged police … Continue reading

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Rose Bowl `Secret’ Report Unforced Error

It’s never the crime, always the “secret report.” While the only crime here could be to taxpayers, despite Pasadena officials promises to the contrary, the city seems to be ignoring the usual rule of public relations: When bad news comes, … Continue reading

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Gun Ownership Transparency And Media Responsibility

Just because a newspaper can print or post something doesn’t mean it should. Context is important. When I was a reporter, I answered the phone one day, and a man threatened to shoot me. The coward did it anonymously, of … Continue reading

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Pasadena Press Release Superhero

Taking my cue from the public information office of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, I’m announcing in a press release that I saved ten hikers, two lost puppies and a cute cat in Eaton Canyon Saturday – all before … Continue reading

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